The Bonfiglioli Group’s key strength lies in its ability to design and develop solutions for a wide range of user applications. The group’s Mobile Business Unit has the know-how it takes to customize products and to ensure total satisfaction of customer needs. This vast experience has led to the development of gear motors for travel, rotation and other specific applications. All our products are superbly reliable and respect the highest quality standards even in applications involving high levels of mechanical stress.

Bonfiglioli Applications

You can see the entire scope of applications here:

Travel Drive Αpplications

Bonfiglioli specializes in the design and production of travel drive gear motors for mini-excavators, tracked excavators, tracked and wheeled loaders, bulldozers, crushers, compactors, cranes and sky lifts, sprayers, harvesters, feller-bunchers and hybrid and electric vehicles.

Mobile Cranes

Bonfiglioli’s gearboxes for mobile crane winches and hoists guarantee excellent control and safety and are ideal for mobile or fixed cranes with a maximum cable lifting capacity of 33 tons. These gearboxes deliver up to 105,000 Nm of torque.

Slew Drive Applications

When a machine or accessory requires smooth and precise rotation control, Bonfiglioli has the perfect solution. Our range includes systems for mini-excavators, wheeled and tracked excavators, cranes, skylifts and winches. All our rotation drive gearmotors offer compact dimensions, an extended working life, easy installation and the highest levels of reliability and safety.

Road Construction Drives

Bonfiglioli offers a range of complete solutions for power transmission and rotation applications on all types of road construction and maintenance machinery. In particular, Bonfiglioli solutions cover the needs of tracked and wheeled asphalt millers, vibratory roller compactors, surfacing and finishing machines.

Concrete, Mixer Truck & Winch Drives

Bonfiglioli supplies complete and superbly reliable drum drive systems for concrete mixer trucks. Thanks to compact dimensions, ease of installation and reduced maintenance, these systems satisfy the needs and expectations of customers who demand maximum efficiency in operation.

Drilling Rigs Drives

Bonfiglioli’s travel drive gearmotors for heavy duty mining applications guarantee maximum reliability and stability. For drilling rigs of 180 to over 400 tons, Bonfiglioli offers gearmotors capable of delivering up to 625,000 Nm of torque.

Steering Drives

Bonfiglioli develops specific solutions for steering axles and transmissions, capable to grant high performance and accurate maneuverability. In particular Bonfiglioli has a strong expertize in the material handling industry where specific solutions for steering forklifts are available.


Bonfiglioli supplies high efficiency, low noise and efficient powertrains for a number of applications such as airport ground equipment, forklifts and lightweight electric vehicles.

Marine & Οffshore

The Bonfiglioli Group offers a wide and diverse range of products for lifting, pulling and slewing machinery in marine and offshore applications like shipboard cranes, offshore cranes, deck machinery, azimuth thrusters and pipe layers. Products include planetary gearboxes, bevel helical and parallel shaft gearboxes, electric motors and frequency controllers. 

Solutions for Electromobility

OEMs are looking for solutions that can increase productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership for the end user. Over the next few years we can also expect the emission regulations currently applied to the automotive industry to be extended to heavy duty vehicles too, and the strict standards involved can only be met by improving powertrain efficiency.

Concrete Mixers Drum Drives

Effective and reliable electric solutions for concrete transit mixer drives and dumpers co-engineered with the top concrete mixers manufacturers worldwide.

Palletising Machines

Palletisers are automatic machines for stacking and arranging products (boxes, bottles, packages, bags, bundles, etc.) on pallets. Whether operated manually or automatically (using dedicated software), these machines can palletise large quantities of material quickly.

Mixers & Mixer-Stirrers

Bonfiglioli’s planetary gearboxes are specially designed to withstand the high overhung loads involved in this kind of application. Our parallel shaft and bevel helical gearboxes allow motors to be coupled directly to gearbox flanges.


Pumps are typically speedy applications that demand basic but efficient gearmotors. Pumps are used in a wide variety of industrial contexts. Their duty cycles are seldom long, but when they are needed, pumps must be perfectly operational and able to guarantee effective and efficient functioning. 


Bonfiglioli has developed a series of extremely reliable single screw gearboxes for use with extruders in the plastics industry. Rigorous control over component dimensions ensures superb functionality. 

Feed Screws

Feed screws are typically used for the horizontal transport of cereals like barley, wheat and maize or granular products like soya, grain and cocoa. They function on the same principle as an Archimedes’ screw.

Dosing Systems

Many different industries require precise, efficient material dosing systems either for raw materials or for end products. The food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries are typical examples. 


All areas of industry use conveyors of one kind or another to move materials and products. Conveyor drive systems do not need particularly high dynamic performance; reliability and ease of inspection and maintenance, on the on the other hand, are essential.


Turntables are cam-controlled mechanisms that convert the continuous rotary motion of an input shaft into unidirectional, intermittent motion at the output. Rotary table gearboxes, enclosed in sealed, cast iron casings, can be coupled directly to external gearboxes and gearmotors.

Spiral Freezer

The increasing global demand of high-quality food products boosted the evolution of deep-freeze food processing technology. The most advanced refrigerated food processing lines have become faster and more sophisticated, and are sometimes controlled by fully automated systems with nearly no human supervision in field.

Lifting Systems

Lifting systems are used in virtually all material handling plant as well as in automatic and semi-automatic warehouses to speed up the picking and placing of articles.

Agriculture & Forestry

For the agricultural and forestry market – for example for sprayers, combine harvesters, harvesting machines, forestry equipment, mixers, etc. - the Group provides wheel and drive unit gear motors for a range of specific applications.

Ceramics & Glass

The market for ceramic manufacturing machinery has its own very special needs in terms of product customisation, continuous production, reliability and resistance to dust and liquids. Bonfiglioli provides dedicated solutions for ceramic tile manufacturing plant and raw material milling and handling.

Concrete & Truck Mixers

For many years, our Company has been offering efficient, reliable and noiseless solutions for the concrete-mixing sector. Their high reliability reduces machinery downtime, ensuring optimum functionality and the safe emptying of drums in any situation.

Mining & Construction

The construction sector and the mining and extraction market require extremely high quality standards. The Mobile Business Unit designs and builds advanced solutions for earth-moving machinery in construction and mining, for the roadwork industry and for drilling equipment. 


Thousands of different types of packaging are used throughout industry and packaging machines vary dramatically in type and functionality. Performance requirements differ widely but Bonfiglioli is able to satisfy them all, from high overload specifications (150% to 200%) to parallel control for multiple motors, from high breakaway torque to continuous low speed functioning, and from synchronisation to controlled braking.

Plastic & Rubber

Plastic processing companies, and small and large extrusion plant in particular, demand excellent dynamics and high efficiency from compact products. Throughout the product design phase, Bonfiglioli pays the greatest attention to fulfilling the plastic industry’s unique requirements in terms of dimensions, mechanical performance, protection and functionality. 

Sugar Cane Mill Plants

Sugar cane is a raw material that can be transformed into many end products: sugar, alcohol for alcoholic beverages, ethanol for fuel, alcohol for industrial and antiseptic uses, paper pulp, solid pellet fuels for domestic stoves, organic fertiliser (compost) for agriculture, and thermal and electric energy for in-process use and grid supply.


Bonfiglioli has a long history of association with the natural and man-made fibre textile industry. Through our Industrial Business Unit we offer special, complete and dedicated solutions, including drives for synchronised motor speed control that guarantee consistent, fluctuation-free performance and the highest levels of precision. 

Bonfiglioli Quality

The Bonfiglioli Quality System is a unified proccess that is being adopted in all stages of the procedure according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Replacement & Repair

Our company can replace and repair engines and gearboxes of other companies with our own respective.

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